Tuesday, August 31, 2010

What's new, pussycat?

Accessories, baby!! One can never have enough of them ..   

The Double D's (leather clip-on belt)

Price - RM22 only

Top: Skinny X belt (red)

Measurements: 38.5" (length), 0.8" (width)

Price - RM22 only

Bottom: Blacky 'O belt (black)

Measurements: 41" (length), 1.1" (width)

Price - RM28 only

** Chaos's Recommendation - Pair this with your denim shorts or jeans!
Woven belt (with braided gold metal clasps)

Measurements: 41" (length), 2.2" (width)

Available in blue and black!

Price - RM 30 only
Jupiter earrings

Price - RM15 only

** Chaos's Recommendation - Match this delectable pair of earrings with a white tee, a fedora and denim shorts for the casual but edgy look!

Top: The belt ring

Measurements: 2.6" 

Available in silver and gold!

Price - RM15 only

Bottom: Bling-bling necklace

Measurements: 9"

Price - RM20 only

Cleopatra Bib Necklace (tie on ribbon concept)

Price - RM35 only

Mandala Bib Necklace (tie on ribbon concept)

Price - RM35 only

Spotted! Similar version of bib necklace - Oscar de la Renta 'Chrome and Crystal bib necklace' (USD 950) sold at net-a-porter.com.

** Chaos's Recommendation: Pair this purdy with a sexy, sleek black dress to send off glamorous signals!!

Enhancing your updo with hairbands!

A fashionable flair to spice up any outfit for any occasion - The Hairbands! 

The Funky Felt - Embellished thick hairband.

Price - RM30 only.

** Chaos's Recommendation - Match it with any of your LBD (little black dress) or a plain white tee, jeans and a pair of stilletos.  

Top: The Balmy Hairband. (SOLD OUT!!!)

Price - RM25 only

Bottom: The Emma Hairband

Price - RM25 only

Spotted! The Emma Hairband on celebrity Emma Watson (Harry Potter movie series).

Top: The Bow Hairband

Price - RM20 only

Bottom: The Tartan Hairband

Price - RM20 only

** Chaos's Recommendation - Wear it for any occasion!

Top: Hathaway flower hairband

Price - RM20 only

Bottom: Celeste bejeweled hairband

Price - RM20 only

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Accessorize! Accessorize! Accessorize!

A brief choice of accessories from Chaos - brooches and rings!
Luxy Brooch - RM19 (SOLD OUT!!!)

Mohico Brooch - RM19 (Last one left!!! Grab it fast!)

Price - RM15 only!

**Chaos's Recommendation - Match it with your latest manicures or nail arts ! *winks*

The 'thing' around our waists ..

Plain dress? Feeling something amiss on your outfit? In high fashion, belts have always been a 'MUST-HAVE' item .. be it the obi belt, cloth belt etc .. Something to give a boost to that plain, looking outfit !! 

On a brighter note, you can reuse it again and again without violating the rules of fashion .. ain't that great?

Now, Chaos presents ...

Hope there's something for everyone here. Enjoy! ;)

  - Frazzle Dazzle bejeweled belt - 

Colors: Black (SOLD OUT!!!) / Red 

- Rock & Row studded belt -

Colors: Black (SOLD OUT!!!) / Red

* Spotted! Similar version of Rock & Row, B-low the Belt selling for RM425 on Zappos.com.

Multicolor cloth belt : Price - RM 29
Butterfly cloth belt : Price - RM29

- Bow Meets Belt -


- Woven belt -

Colors: Black / Brown (SOLD OUT!!!)

* Spotted! The expensive twin - J.Crew's Braided Fabric belt (USD45).

Why pay more when you can get something similar at a much better price? 

The lower half ..hellooo Down Under !

Wardrobe staples not to be missed - pants, shorts and the latest resurgence in high fashion - leggings! 

- Leggings -
Details - Cotton blue-ish tie dyed with naughty yet strategic slashes leggings.
Price - RM 32
Details - Original Cotton On Extra comfy cotton floral print leggings.
Measurements - Waist (29" elastic) / Length (35")
Price - RM 32

Details - Jeans inspired cotton leggings.
Measurements - Waist (29" elastic) / Length (35")
Price - RM29

**Chaos's Recommendation - VPL (visible panty lines) are still a no no, even with leggings !! So, always opt for a top to cover your bootie! *winks*

What's next? Harem pants - the high gathered waist, slouchy cut and cropped leg & woolie shorts !

- Harem pants -

Details - Low waisted lycra black harem pants with studs.
Measurements - Waist (up to 31", elastic) / Length (36")
Price - RM49

- Woolie shorts -

Details - Dark grey wool shorts with inner lining.
Measurements - Waist (29" - size S) / Length (13")
Price - RM45

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Monday, June 21, 2010

Straight laced, Ruffles, Stripes ...

Spring/Summer 2010 runway reports are lavished with fashion that lightens up with featherweight fabrics and wardrobes active for a bright start to the season. Laces have manifested itself as a luxe staple at Dior, Chanel and Dolce & Gabbana.

Here is Chao's take with 'Good things come in black and white' :-

Colors - Available in black (SOLD OUT!!!) & white.

Spotted at Bluefly.com, a similar, more expensive version of laced cropped tops - Free People's ivory floral lace cropped scoop top (USD 48).

(Source: Bluefly.com)

Another good thing in white at Chaos ..



Style Barometer going up : Ruffles & Stripes !!

Turn on your feminine charms instantly! Beyond being classical and timeless, these patterns are a fashion must to have item and are easy to match.
Little Red Riding hood version in fashion ;P 

Details - Cotton, red and white striped hooded tunic with 3/4 sleeves.
Price - RM 49 

** Chaos's Recommendation : Pair it with some stylo mylo gladiator sandals or wear it with jeggings (jeans + leggings).
* You can wear this off-shoulder too for the sexy effect!

** Chaos's Recommendation : Pair it with some stylo mylo gladiator heals or wear it with jeans or denim shorts. OR .. add on some edgy accessories (e.g: brooches or chunky necklaces) to spice it up !! (*winks*)

Details - Cropped, cotton jacket
Measurements - Chest (32") / Shoulder (14") / Length (18.5")
Price - RM42

** Chaos recommendation - Can be worn casual or semi-formal.



Back to school? Oh no .. no!! Not the old - school pinafores .. *lol*

Details - 35% Cotton, 65% Polyester
Measurements - Length (32.5" ; 13" waist down) / waist (elastic)
Price - RM 49

Colors - Black (SOLD OUT!!!) ; Grey (Last one left!!! Grab it fast!)

** Chao's Recommendation : Pair it with a white T or Chaos's Ruffly Stripes top!

*** NOTE: Accessories are not included unless stated otherwise !!!